Explore Your Own True Self

Course Starts January 20, 2022 - Live Zoom sessions on five consecutive Thursdays 4:30-5:30 pm

What You'll Gain

  • Insight

    You'll gain insight into the patterns that prevent you from living into your own manifestation.

  • Vitality

    You'll feel the energy of the essential power of being through Creative Awareness practice.

  • Intimacy

    In this course, you'll learn to journey in your internal landscape, to develop a deep and intimate relationship as a being.

Your Own Empowerment

What You'll Release

You'll learn how practice can help you to release what holds you back from your own power of being.

  • Release limiting patterns

  • Release the feeling of being lost in thought

  • Release an aversion to your own body

This Course Will Change Your Life

    1. In the Beginning

    2. Reading - The Practice of Being

    3. Consideration - Repetitive Patterns

    4. Practice: A Vehicle of Exploration

    5. Guided Practice

    6. Awareness Session

    7. Creative Project

    8. Live Session

    1. What is Practice

    2. Reading: The Practice of Being

    3. Consideration

    4. Learning To Feel

    5. Guided Practice

    6. Creative Awareness Project 2

    7. Live Session: Being the Body

    8. Being The Body Video

    1. Session Three Project

    2. Contemplative Inquiry

    3. Reading Assignment Session Three

    4. The Felt Sense

    5. Intimacy With Self

    6. Being the Body Breathing

    7. Guided Practice Three

    8. Session Three Audio

    1. Contemplative Inquiry

    2. Reading Assignment Session Four

    3. Mental Ruts & LImitations

    4. The Wisdom Within

    5. The Feeling of Being

    6. Guided Practice Four

    7. Session Four Project

    8. Session Four Dance Music

    1. Contemplative Inquiry

    2. Reading Assignment Session Five

    3. Creative Awareness

    4. Daily Practice

    5. Guided Practice Five

    6. Live Session Five

    7. Session Five Project

The Value of Dynamic Content

  • $185.00
  • Five Live Group Zoom Sessions
  • 40 Text/Video/Audio Sessions
  • Creative Awareness Assignments
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Five Weeks That Will last Forever


Our additional content provides further value in addition to The Practice of Being course content!

  • Extra Video Content

    $100 Value

  • Extra Creative Prompts

    $100 value

  • Extra Practice Session

    $100 value

Start To Really Live

Course Starts on January 20, 2022

About Me

Anne Markham Bailey


I am a poet, podcaster, and educator based in Birmingham, Alabama. A graduate of Barnard College at Columbia University, I majored in East Asian Studies with a concentration in Chinese language and literature. I hold an M.F.A. in Book Arts, and an M.A. in English, Creative Writing. My dharma training includes Tibetan Vajrayana, somatic awareness, and shamanic healing practices. I am a meditation guide, body awareness and yoga teacher, and labyrinth practice facilitator. My passion is to explore both ideas and form, to feel into the vast detail of being. My new book is The Practice of Being, based on decades of extensive practice. I based the course on the simple practice at the heart of the book, and I so love to share this wonderful information - that you can engage is your own life with awareness and vitality.